School of Chemistry Physics Electronics of Lyon

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Project Description

Client: Rhone Department
Location: Campus de la Doua in Villeurbanne – 69 Rhone – France
Year: Study 1993, construction 1994-1995. RMN facility in 2002.
Project Type: Universitary Education, Grouping ESCIL and ICPI of the Catholic faculty of Lyon
Mission:  base mission + implementation studies (M1)
Cost of works: € 10,220,000 before tax
Surface: 13,354 m2 floor area

Construction of the Superior School of Chemistry Physics Electronics of Lyon – CPE Lyon

Project details:
-Awarded upon project competition,
-The program included the completion of VLparkings in the basement, classrooms, auditorium, laboratories and research rooms, general administration, library and ecumenical room,
-The buildings are built around a patio with a bassin under which is nestled the 500-seat amphitheater,
-The school is divided into three main buildings hosting administration, teaching and research laboratories,
-The administration which includes the reception in the ground floor is linked to the other buildings by suspended walkways,
-A perforated stainless steel veil clothes the administration building and makes up a filter beaming light,
-Loggias dressed with stainless steel perforated sheets harbor and conceal the gas bottles necessary for the laboratories.