National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon

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Project Description

Client: Rhone Department
Location: Campus de la Doua in Villeurbanne – 69 Rhone – France
Year: Study 2003, construction 2007-2008.
Project Type: Universitary Education for the GEN departments (Energetic Engineering) and TELECOM (telecommunications)
Mission: base mission + implementation studies + implementation
Cost of works: € 5,622,950 before tax
Surface: 5,906 m2 floor area

Restructuring and extension of the Claude Chappe Building (405) of the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon

Project details:
-Awarded upon project competition,
-This operation provides the extension and restructuring of the Claude Chappe building (Building 405) originally built in 1964 for the Energetic Engineering Department of INSA Lyon,
-The program includes the stripping of the structure of the existing building and complete restructuring,
-The GEN part settles into the southern half of this restructuring where the classrooms, research laboratories and chemistry facilities are fitted
-The northern part of the existing building and the entire extension host the facilities of TELECOM department. They include the teaching and tutorial rooms, a 180-seat amphitheater, research rooms, the general administration, faculty and doctoral students offices distributed around an atrium,
-The existing basement is utilized for the installation of equipment rooms,
-The interior is based on the existing modular structures and enhances spaces for communication,
-The organization of administrative and common areas offers a central technical system that adapts to the means of management implemented by the site,
-A lift and hoist are created during this project to address the regulation on accessibility and the premises destination.