Building of Social Housing – Lyon

Building of Social Housing – Lyon 2015-10-20T09:22:18+01:00

Project Description

Location: Angle Rue de Seze / rue Ney – 69002 Lyon – France
Year: Study 2004, heavy restructuring 2006-2007
Type of project: creation of 30 social housing
Mission: Diagnosis + base mission + implementation studies + implementation
Cost of works: 1 050 000 € before tax
Surface: 1,013 m2 Living Area

Restructuring of Existing Building – Building of Social Housing – Aralis – Lyon

Project details:
-Project awarded on reference and means,
-The operation involves the construction of 30 small social rented housing type 1 and 1 bis, managed by the association Aralis, spanning over five levels,
-This type of program in the sixth arrondissement of Lyon aims to promote the diversity of the population,
-At ground floor, a restaurant has settled,
-The existing building was home to an ancient hotel. All floors, corroded by the moisture of the bathrooms had to be removed. The complete restructuring and renovation of the building was completed,
-During the works, only the facades and the roof structure were retained,
-Target 3 of the High Environmental Quality process, concerning the construction management (waste management, low disturbance to residents) was the subject of special attention. Target 7 “care and maintenance” was a major part of this social project, because a building designed with appropriate materials and systems can limit or allow preventive interventions.
-Acoustical comfort (Target 9) is a priority in this dense urban context.